Goals & Objectives


  1. Sugar Mountain will comprise single- and multi-family residences and the infrastructure to support them in a style conforming to the geography and native ecology. 
    1. Sugar Mountain will sustain and grow its principal population of full-time and seasonal residents.
    2. Sugar Mountain will administer an orderly process for land use planning considering safety, aesthetics, public utility, and preservation of the ecology.
  2. Sugar Mountain will promote and maintain its identity as a desirable destination for vacationers and short-term visitors, providing recreational facilities and lodging at all seasons.
    1. Sugar Mountain will provide or contract for educational, safety, and recreational facilities that will attract visitors at all seasons of the year.
    2. Sugar Mountain will facilitate lodging facilities, both private and commercial, that accommodate visitors and vacationers.
    3. Sugar Mountain will adapt to meet the needs of a year-round resort community.
    4. Sugar Mountain will be one of the top three winter resorts in the Southeaster United States.
  3. Sugar Mountain will provide municipal services to meet the needs of its constituents, operating openly and responsively as an effective steward of its resources.
    1. Sugar Mountain will conduct its governmental affairs in an open and accessible manner.
    2. Sugar Mountain will employ qualified people and will encourage their professional or occupational development.
    3. Sugar Mountain will create and maintain public physical facilities that promote efficient work by its employees and serve the general population well.
    4. Sugar Mountain will administer a public works program that provides and maintains infrastructure to support and enhance its populations.
  4. Sugar Mountain will solicit and facilitate commercial, professional, and not-for-profit enterprises that serve its residents and visitors, providing a stable economic base that supports the Village and its residents.
    1. Sugar Mountain will encourage development and operation of enterprises that directly support its resident population.
    2. Sugar Mountain will solicit new economic activities that are supportive of its economy and compatible with its environment.
    3. Sugar Mountain will expand its interaction with local educational institutions to enhance cultural and academic experiences for residents, visitors, and students.
    4. Sugar Mountain will develop on-going relationships with its representatives at all governmental levels and will exploit those relationships to obtain favorable allocations of governmental resources.
  5. Sugar Mountain will coordinate its activities with those of Avery County and neighboring municipalities to the benefit of the regional populace and the nature setting.
    1. Sugar Mountain will coordinate its governmental relations efforts with those of Avery County and other municipalities to see larger benefits that will serve the region.
    2. Sugar Mountain will coordinate its economic development efforts with those of Avery County and other municipalities to see new enterprises that meet the expanded needs of the region.
    3. Sugar Mountain will increase its interaction with merchants and providers in the surrounding region.q

Adopted by Council at its meeting of March 18, 2008

s their four-(4)-year terms expire. The elections are non-partisan. The council is assisted by a planning committee and a zoning board of adjustment.