Planning & Zoning Board

Here’s an overview of the Planning and Zoning Board for the Village of Sugar Mountain.

Section 32.02 The Board shall consist of eight members; 5 residents of the Village, 3 of 5 shall be appointed by the Village Council for a three year term and 2 of 5 shall be appointed by the Village Council for two year terms.  3 residents of the Village’s extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ), 2 of 3 shall be appointed for three years and 1 for two years.  The first appointment of the ETJ  members shall be appointed by the County Board of Commissioners, followed thereafter three year appointments by the Village Council.

Powers and Duties
Section 32.04 Powers and Duties.  The Planning Board shall:

  • make studies of the area within its jurisdiction and surrounding areas;
  • Determine objectives to be sought in the development of the study area;
  • Prepare and adopt plans for achieving these objectives;
  • Develop and recommend policies, ordinances, administrative procedures, and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner;
  • Advise the Village Council concerning the use and amendment of means for carrying out plans;
  • Exercise any functions in the administration and enforcement of various means for carrying out plans that the Village Council may direct;
  • Review and make recommendations to the Village Council upon the extent, location, and design of all public structures and facilities; on the acquisition and disposal of public properties; on the opening, abandonment, widening, extension, narrowing, or other change to streets and other public ways, and on the construction, extension, expansion, or abandonment of utilities;
  • Perform any other related duties that the Village Council may direct.

The Planning and Zoning Board meets at 9:15 AM on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Village       Hall.  The meetings are open to the Public.


  • Zoe Schmidinger, Board Chairman – Term expires March 2025
  • Sarah Whitfield, Board Vice-Chairman – Term Expires December 2024
  • Edith “Dedy” Traver, Board Member – Term Expires December 2025
  • Richard Fudge, Board Member – Term Expires May 2023
  • Dick Casey, Board Member – Term Expires March 2025
  • ETJ Members: 3 Vacancies

To apply for the volunteer committee positions, fill out the Planning Board Committee Membership Application and send it to:
Tammy Floyd
Village of Sugar Mountain
251 Dick Trundy Lane
Sugar Mountain, NC 28604
Or email Tammy Floyd

For a more detailed description of the Planning Board Committee, please refer to Chapter 5 – Establishing a Planning Board.

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Official Zoning Map Adopted December 17, 2019